Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Cakes

With all our recent birthdays around here, there's been a lot of talk about birthday cakes. All the boys have been discussing what kind of cakes they want for their birthdays. Connor just wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Landon wanted a chocolate dinosaur cake. Noah wanted a chocolate monkey cake. Today, Liam came up and told me he knew what kind of cake he wanted (never mind that his birthday is not until November!). He said he wanted a Keaton cake. When I asked him what that was he explained. He said he wanted a cake that said "Happy Birthday Liam" with the number 6 under that and then "Keaton" at the bottom. When I asked why, he said "because I love him". It brought tears to my eyes! One of my biggest prayers is that my boys will stay close and love each other. I want them to be best friends throughout their lives. Liam is such a good big brother. He adores Keaton. Every morning, he waits for Keaton to nurse and then carries him out to the living room. He loves to play with him and make him laugh. It makes my heart smile to see the bond between them!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Contest

I got an email this week telling me that a photo I submitted of Noah is one of 4 finalists in a messy kids photo contest! The photo I submitted was taken one morning when we found Noah in the kitchen with the pancake mix and a bottle of syrup. He said he was "making pancakes". We won a leather diaper bag with some Johnson's baby products. I was excited with that but then read that the photos were open for public voting and the grand prize winner would receive $1,000!!! I about fell out of my chair! Needless to say, that would be a HUGE blessing for us right now. We have reached out to everyone we can think of for votes and we have jumped from 30% of the vote to 41% in 24 hours! We were within 3% of the 1st place spot but it looks like they have started rallying and have gone ahead 4% more :( I'm not giving up though and will continue to beg and plead for votes until the end! The contest ends Monday night so there's still hope! Here's the link: