Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wear them out!

The boys had vbs again this morning. While they were there, Mike and I went to Lowes to browse. Our carpet has not fared well with the 4 boys and pets and is covered in stains. We are regretting not putting hardwood in. We looked at the wood floors but they are so expensive! We want something rustic loking to fit with the house but the cheapest thing we found that would go was almost $7 a square foot. Some were $13 a square foot! My creative hubby is contemplating using pine planks (1x6's I think) to create our own unique floor. We would just have to sand them down really well and then stain them. We may even find the old fashioned looking nails to nial them down. I figured we could distress them as much or as little an we want. Not something we can do just yet but it would only be $1.60 a sq foot. MUCH cheaper. I'm also trying to talk him into building us a new dining table. I'd like a square one. We'll see. Noah entertained us in the store by making silly faces and giving out tons of hugs and kisses. He has started giving real hugs, unsolicited. Then he'll pucker his lips and make a smacking sound to let you know he wants to give you a kiss. So sweet! After Lowes, Mike and I enjoyed lunch with Noah at Chick-fil-a before picking up the boys. After a quick lunch, our neighbor picked up Connor and Landon and took them the the pool. They were so excited. I am too! I'm hoping that they will be nice and worn out and will go to bed a little early tonight!

Monday, June 22, 2009

They Learn Early

I kept meaning to post this story about Liam. Mike had him and Noah in the tub a few weeks ago and Liam was washing himself. He was singing as he did it and then stopped when he got to his groin area. He felt his scrotum and then looked up at Mike with a surprised look. He then said, "Daddy, my peepee has a brain!". Mike laughed and replied, "It sure does bud, just didn't think you'd realize it this early!".


I have SO been slacking on this blog. I'm sitting outside watching the boys play so I figured it would be a good time to do a quick check in. We are still recuperating from our long drive home from Wisconsin. The older boys did really well for the most part but Noah had a rough time. He didn't sleep very much and did not like being confined to his car seat. I know car seats are a must but I have to say I missed the days where kids could stretch out and move around the back seat. I remember making a pallet of pillows and blankets in the floor board and napping there. Mike says he remembers laying up in the back window. Amazing we're still alive! But then again, that was before dvd players so I guess we did what we had to do to get through a long ride. The trip was so worth it though. We had a great time in WI. It was so relaxing and great to be with family. It makes me sad that we can't see them more often, especially for thr boys. They loved being surrounded by doting grandparents, aunts and uncles and incredible cousins :) It was also great to have some time for Mike and I to be together, something we don't get much of here. Although I'm hoping Grammy and Papa will have them over when they get back from FL ;) For now, it's back to the day to day stuff. Mike has been gone every day since we got home. He did luck out and get to come home early yesterday (2:30 instead of 8:30). So at least the boys got to spend Father's Day with him. He works so hard and I am so proud of him! He's off on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to that.
The boys are staying busy. They are going to VBS this week each morning from 9:30-12:15. They LOVE it and it gives me a chance to run errands or clean house. We were planning a trip to FL but with my recent pay cut I don't think it will happen. Plus, the only tie we could go with Mike's school is this Friday to next Wednesday and I don't we have the energy to go on another road trip so soon. I feel bad because I know Grandma really wants to see the boys but I just don't thinkit will happen this summer. It's hard with the boys being in school. Maybe we'll be able to go down for a few days at Christmas break. Time will tell I guess!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Most Important Decision

I was helping the boys get ready for VBS the other evening when Connor started to tell me about a conversation he had at school. He said he told one of his friends that he was a christian. I asked him what made him a christian and she he because he had been baptized. I informed him that he had never been baptized. I then sat him down and explained what it really meant to be a christian. I told him that you had to believe that Jesus was God's son and that he died for our sins. Connor said "I believe that." I talked to him a little more and then told him to think about everything and when he was ready he could come to me and I would pray with him. About 5 minutes later, he told me he was ready. I prayed with him and then of course started crying. I was so proud! He asked me more about baptism and I told him that was the next step. He's a little nervous about that so I told him we can hold off and talk about it later. About 20 minutes later, Landon came up and told me he wanted to accept Christ (he had been listening when I talked to Connor). I asked him some questions to make sure he understood and then I prayed with him. I was a huge honor! I am so pround of both of them. I told them it was the boggest decision they would ever make. They were excited and told Mike the minute he walked in the door the next morning. Part of me worries though about them REALLY understanding everything. I know it's really on ongoing thing though. As they get older, we will have to teach them biblical principles and help them to make the right choices. I am just so glad that they know God. I know there have been times in m life that I honestly don't think I would have gotten through with out my faith and God. I want my boys to have that same relationship and I'm ecstatic that they have laid the foundation!