Saturday, June 5, 2010

So different

I wanted to write my birth story before I forgot it. I had really wanted to go into labor on my own. My induced labors had gone really smoothly and the pain had been manageable. I had heard induced labors were harder so I figured a spontaneous labor would go even better. Unfortunately, an ultrasound at 38 weeks made another induction necessary. My doc wanted to check and make sure my fluid was okay since Keaton's movements had lessened. Turned out it was a little too good. The tech showed me the fluid and his very full bladder. She told the doc my fluid was 28. The doc said "28?, hmm". She then looked at me and said, that's technically polyhydramnios. We may need to induce sooner. She said every doc has different cut offs, but the highest is 26. They induced me for the same thing with Connor. The polyhydramnios puts me at a higher risk for him turning breech and for placental abruption. So an induction was booked for the following Thursday (they won't induce before 39 weeks). We were to report to the hospital at midnight Wed night to get checked in and then the induction would start the next morning. Mike wasn't thrilled about that but I figured better than having to get up at 4:30 Thursday morning.

I actually started contracting Wednesday and was hoping I was going into labor but no luck. We checked into the hospital at midnight for my induction. They monitored the baby and got me in the system and then my doc came in and broke my water at 7:30. I was still contracting so we hoped breaking my water would get things moving quickly. No such luck. After 2 hours, I had only progressed 1cm to 4 and he was still really high. I waited until 11:00 and then requested some pitocin to help things move along. After about an hour, the contractions were getting pretty painful and I was at a 5.
The contractions got really painful a lot quicker than with the other boys. I got stadol around 2 and it helped for about an hour. The nurse came in and checked me at 3 and I was at 6. At that point I just couldn't take it. I broke down and asked for an epidural. I struggled with it but this labor was SO much more intense than the others. It took about 20 minutes for anesthesia to come and about 10 minutes to get the epi. I was really nervous but it went smoothly and took great. Within about 5 minutes, the pain started to ease but I was feeling pressure. The nurse checked again and I was 10 and the head was at +1. So I went from 6 to 10 in about 30 minutes. The nurse said she wanted me to be get some rest from the epi so she let me relax for about 40 minutes. It was so nice. All I felt was very mild pressure with some of the contractions. My doc came in and got ready. The pushing stage was so relaxed and calm. The nurses, the doc and I were talking and laughing. I pushed through 4 contractions and my little guy was born. And the best part is, no tearing! He's my biggest and the only one I didn't tear with. They immediately put him on my chest skin to skin and he latched on within minutes. He nursed for over an hour

It was so different from the other's boys' births. I thought a more natural, spontaneous birth would go smoother and I would have less pain. I was wrong. Keaton's birth was the least induced of them all and by far the most painful. I've heard women say there was no way they could go without an epidural with a pitocin induced labor. It was the complete opposite for me! I started pit with the other boys right from the beginning and before contractions had started. I was technically already in pre-labor with Keaton when they broke my water and didn't get pitocin until 4 hours in. And even then, it was only a small amount. And he's the one I ended up getting the epi with! Just goes to show every labor is different!

I wouldn't change a thing with any of my births though. I'm glad I didn't get the epi with the first 4 and I'm glad I did with Keaton. It was nice to be able to experience both sides. I was hurting so bad with Keaton that I told Mike, "I think you're right, this is it! No more!". But after getting the epi, I thought :wow, this is great, I could definitely do this again!". I told Mike and he said, "I shouldn't have let you get the epi!" :) We have both agreed not to do anything permanent. Mike was pretty adamant that we were done but lately I think he's softening to the the idea of one more. I could see it. For now, we'll just wait and see. Maybe we'll get an even 6 pack of boys :)

Too fast

It's hard to believe Keaton is a month old. It goes by so fast. He's doing good although I think he's getting a cold. I'm not surprised since his brothers have one and they insist on being in his face all the time. Poor baby. He's very alert and has started smiling. I could stare at him all day! He definitely likes to be held! The other boys liked it but they were happy to be on the floor looking around or in the swing. Not Keaton! Thankfully I have several helpers that don't mind holding him at all! Even Noah is crazy about him and gets upset when he can't hold him.

Speaking of Noah, he is doing great with his potty training. He wasn't too interested about a month ago but the last week or two he has gotten a lot better. He wears underwear most of the day and has only had a few accidents in the last 3 days. His independence helps in this area. It is VERY frustrating in others though! All I hear is "My do it!!!". He will throw a monster fit if he doesn't get to do everything by himself. He is by far my most challenging child so far! But then he can be the sweetest boy. Loves to give hugs and kisses and is definitely my most outgoing child.

All in all we are doing good. Mike is back at work. I definitely look forward to him coming home! The boys are good most of the time but boy can they fight! In fact, I just had Liam come in and tell me Landon hit him. Landon then tells me yes he did but he did it because Liam punched him first. Liam of course denied it and Landon said "yes he did! He just doesn't want to commit it becasue he'll get in trouble!". I made them hug and apologize and then separated them. Ahh, brotherly love!