Sunday, October 31, 2010

Candy Time!

Well we now have enough candy to last us for at least a year! Yesterday was a busy but fun day. It started with Connor's football game. They were undefeated and were playing the #2 team. Unfortunately, after going into double overtime, we lost. Our coach gave a GREAT speech afterward though. He emphasized how it's okay to lose sometimes and that he was still proud of all of them. We also got a nice surprise when My Uncle Chuck and Aunt Deanna from FL showed up at the game. They had made a spur of the moment trip up to TN for a mini vacation and to see Deanna's family in Johnson City. It was so nice to have some extra family there to cheer Connor on.
After the game, we headed to Fender's Farm for a birthday party. The weather was perfect and the kids had a lot of fun. Noah especially like the animal exhibit. They had sheep, goats, pigs, ponies, geese, and chickens and they were all super friendly. We did the corn maze and I'll admit, we ended up cheating and taking a shortcut. We had to be home by 4 and it seemed like we were going in circles.
We had just enough time once we got home to change the boys into their costumes and head to the candy carnival at church. After a puppet show, the boys got to get candy at different stations. Each station was decorated like favorite children's books or shows. There was Alvin and the chipmunks, Alice in Wonderland, and Toy Story just to name a few. Upstairs they had games for the kids and a hot dog dinner.
We got back home and saw kids in our neighborhood trick or treating. We thought that would happen tonight but apparently, it had been moved to Saturday. So we ran in and put Connor in his trick or treating costume. He was a glow in the dark stick man so we had saved his costume for after dark. I have to say it turned out really neat and everyone we saw commented on it. They had fun and Noah did a great job of keeping up with the brothers. we were home by 8:30 and the boys were in bed by 9:30. Not too bad! Now we get to relax today before Liam's birthday party tomorrow!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The things they say!

Me to the boys: "Why is Keaton the only one in the living room like I asked you all to be?"
Connor: "Because he can't move."
I asked for that one!

This morning Noah came into my room and said "Mommy, mine cold." I said, "Noah, it's I'M cold". He replied, "Me too."

The other night I went to make brownies for the boys' school parties only to find I only had 1 egg. I was making 3 batches so I was 5 short. Mike was working and the kids were already in their jammies. I called my mom and she said she'd bring me some. Thanks mom!! She honked the horn when she arrived and I went out to get the eggs. Liam asked what she was doing and I told him she was bringing me eggs to borrow. Anyway, mom went with us to Food City last night. We told her goodnight in the parking lot and headed home. I turned onto our road and realized she was behind me. As we both pulled in the drive, I said "I wonder why Grammy's here?". Liam said "Umm, I think she wants her eggs back!".

Oh, how I love the things they say!

Knew it was coming

Well, it's official. Connor needs glasses. We noticed him squinting at the tv a couple of weeks ago. Mike and I both were glasses/contacts so we figured we should take him in. I got glasses in kindergarten so he made it 4 years longer than me! He's actually kind of excited about getting them. I think this is mainly because his best friend, Liam, wears them. I personally think he looks cute in them :) . WalMart had frames for $9 so the cost wasn't too bad either. The total was $58. Better than I expected anyway. I just pray his ears don't get as bad as mine.

On a different note, we took the 4 younger boys to Food City last night for their costume contest (Connor had football practice). Landon was a bat and I made his costume out of an umbrella. It turned out neat. The wings actually looked like real bat wings. I made Liam a gnome costume. He looked SO cute! Noah just wanted to wear a puppy dog costume we had in the dress up box. And, Keaton was a giraffe. I got his costume at a yard sale for $5. Landon ended up winning 3rd place. He got a big goodie bag with a $10 Food City gift card. He was thrilled! Liam got honorable mention and got a HUGE Hershey bar and a gift bag. We had a good time :) Unfortunately, Landon lost his goodie bag until further notice when we came home and found he had eaten all but two pieces of candy from the goodie bag he got at his party at school. I helped fill them so I know their were at least 15 pieces in it. I'm surprised he wasn't in a sugar coma!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giveaways Galore!

I recently discovered the wonderful world of blog giveaways. I was amazed at just how many there are! You can win everything from toys, to restaurant giftcards, to electronics. Mike thinks I'm crazy but I figure why not try? They odds aren't bad and maybe I can win some things for Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas, I can't believe it's only 2 months away. We took the 3 youngest to WalMart yesterday to browse the toy section. We got a few good ideas. Mike found some cute animal flashlights for them. He's hoping if they have their own, they won't keep getting his! When we got home, there was a Gospel for Asia Christmas catalog in the mail. I'm looking forward to sitting down with the boys and picking out a few things to purchase. It's a great way to teach the boys the importance of giving and to remind them of all the people in the world who lack so many of the things we take for granted.