Friday, October 29, 2010

The things they say!

Me to the boys: "Why is Keaton the only one in the living room like I asked you all to be?"
Connor: "Because he can't move."
I asked for that one!

This morning Noah came into my room and said "Mommy, mine cold." I said, "Noah, it's I'M cold". He replied, "Me too."

The other night I went to make brownies for the boys' school parties only to find I only had 1 egg. I was making 3 batches so I was 5 short. Mike was working and the kids were already in their jammies. I called my mom and she said she'd bring me some. Thanks mom!! She honked the horn when she arrived and I went out to get the eggs. Liam asked what she was doing and I told him she was bringing me eggs to borrow. Anyway, mom went with us to Food City last night. We told her goodnight in the parking lot and headed home. I turned onto our road and realized she was behind me. As we both pulled in the drive, I said "I wonder why Grammy's here?". Liam said "Umm, I think she wants her eggs back!".

Oh, how I love the things they say!

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