Friday, October 29, 2010

Knew it was coming

Well, it's official. Connor needs glasses. We noticed him squinting at the tv a couple of weeks ago. Mike and I both were glasses/contacts so we figured we should take him in. I got glasses in kindergarten so he made it 4 years longer than me! He's actually kind of excited about getting them. I think this is mainly because his best friend, Liam, wears them. I personally think he looks cute in them :) . WalMart had frames for $9 so the cost wasn't too bad either. The total was $58. Better than I expected anyway. I just pray his ears don't get as bad as mine.

On a different note, we took the 4 younger boys to Food City last night for their costume contest (Connor had football practice). Landon was a bat and I made his costume out of an umbrella. It turned out neat. The wings actually looked like real bat wings. I made Liam a gnome costume. He looked SO cute! Noah just wanted to wear a puppy dog costume we had in the dress up box. And, Keaton was a giraffe. I got his costume at a yard sale for $5. Landon ended up winning 3rd place. He got a big goodie bag with a $10 Food City gift card. He was thrilled! Liam got honorable mention and got a HUGE Hershey bar and a gift bag. We had a good time :) Unfortunately, Landon lost his goodie bag until further notice when we came home and found he had eaten all but two pieces of candy from the goodie bag he got at his party at school. I helped fill them so I know their were at least 15 pieces in it. I'm surprised he wasn't in a sugar coma!

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