Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wear them out!

The boys had vbs again this morning. While they were there, Mike and I went to Lowes to browse. Our carpet has not fared well with the 4 boys and pets and is covered in stains. We are regretting not putting hardwood in. We looked at the wood floors but they are so expensive! We want something rustic loking to fit with the house but the cheapest thing we found that would go was almost $7 a square foot. Some were $13 a square foot! My creative hubby is contemplating using pine planks (1x6's I think) to create our own unique floor. We would just have to sand them down really well and then stain them. We may even find the old fashioned looking nails to nial them down. I figured we could distress them as much or as little an we want. Not something we can do just yet but it would only be $1.60 a sq foot. MUCH cheaper. I'm also trying to talk him into building us a new dining table. I'd like a square one. We'll see. Noah entertained us in the store by making silly faces and giving out tons of hugs and kisses. He has started giving real hugs, unsolicited. Then he'll pucker his lips and make a smacking sound to let you know he wants to give you a kiss. So sweet! After Lowes, Mike and I enjoyed lunch with Noah at Chick-fil-a before picking up the boys. After a quick lunch, our neighbor picked up Connor and Landon and took them the the pool. They were so excited. I am too! I'm hoping that they will be nice and worn out and will go to bed a little early tonight!

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