Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Next?

I have to start by saying, I have felt really good this pregnancy. Aside from being tired, I'm loving it. Little man is VERY active and I LOVE feeling and seeing him move. However, it seems like I keep being thrown curve balls. The kidney issue is nerve wracking enough but yesterday I got another scare. I had been having really bad swelling in my right calf and foot for a few days. It was worse in the evening but it never went away. I went to my appt expecting to hear, "it's normal" and to drink more and put my feet up. Instead, the doc took one look and said "I'm sending you for an ultrasound of your leg". She was concerned that since it was only on one side, I could have a blood clot. That had never even crossed my mind. She said, if they did see something, they would admit me to the hospital. It took 30 minutes to get pre-approval from my insurance. Thankfully, my friend Lori had come to my appt with me (1st time she's done that) and helped me occupy Liam and Noah. I have to admit, my first thought was "crud, I didn't shave my legs!". My doc was awesome and showed the boys how to change the color of the light on the fish tank and even brought me a box of girl scout cookies for them to snack on. I called Mike at work and told him he may want to start finding someone to come in for him just in case they admitted me. Of course after weeks of being slow, they had been busy all morning and he was on call number 2.
I finally got an appt for 1:00 (it was 11:00) so we took the kids to get something to eat. Mike called and said it would be at least 2 hours before he could be home. He was in Johnson City and they had to get back to the airport and refuel and restock before flying back to Greenville. From there, it takes him an hour to get home. So I called my mom to come meet me at the hospital so Lori could go pick up her son from school. Headed back to the hospital and got back for the u/s about 1:45. My doc had said that although the techs don't officially read the results, they know what they are looking at. She said if the tech finished and said,ok, you can go, then everything was normal. But if she said she was bringing the doctor in, there could be a problem. I honestly had not been too worried until the tech finished and said "let me get the radiologist to take a look". I panicked. Thankfully, 10 long minutes later, she came back and said he didn't see anything and I could go. I was SO relieved! So the official diagnosis is unexplained unilateral swelling. The doctor told me to try and stay off my feet and that they'd keep an eye on it. Mike called as I was loading the boys in the van and was about 10 minutes from the house. I hated that he had had to leave work but it was nice becasue I was able to come home and lay down for a while. Mike offered to take today off but I told him no. I hate to waste vacation time. Mom took the boys around 2:00 and is keeping them overnight. It feels so weird to be alone in the house. I honestly don't remember the last time that happened. I think it was when I was pregnant with Noah.
So, everything is fine but I sure am tired of these scares. I just want my little guy yo be okay and have a smooth 8 weeks! I'm getting really excited about meeting him. I got out my newborn clothes to wash. They being back memories :) I can't wait to see what he looks like. Right now, I'm guessing brown hair and blue eyes. Time will tell!

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