Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!!

It started a little early when we celebrated Landon's 8th birthday Thursday night. We took him to Perkins (his favorite because he can get breakfast for dinner!). Afterwards, mom and dad came over for cake. We had a really nice time. Friday, I went to the outlets in Pigeon Forge with a friend. We got some GREAT deals! Six pairs of shoes for $35 at Stride Rite and then 14 items of clothing at Children's Place for $37. Saturday, we took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and took the boys to the park. We had a picnic and then went for a short hike. We ended at the playground which thrilled the boys :)
The absolute highlight of the weekened was today though. I was honored and extremely proud to watch Mike baptize Landon at church :) It was one of the best days of my life. He did so good! I cried like a baby! The children's pastor prayed with him and told him the angels in heaven were doing summersaults because they were so happy. Landon liked that. Mike was a little nervous about doing the baptism himself but he did great! When we got home, we gave Landon a new Bible. He loved it. I really could not have asked for a better weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend!! So happy for Landon!!!