Thursday, August 25, 2011

Backyard Zip Line!!!

Another giveaway I found was one on It is for the winner's choice Linkof either a 100′, 150′ or 200′ length zip line from! How cool is that?! My boys would flip if I won it! It sure would make for an exciting Christmas day! Connor got to do a zip line at camp and he raved about it. Our house would be the place to be if we had one! Kristi, the blogger on Mom's Own Words, even posted a video of her kids using the zip line. It looks like so much fun! Mike is even excited about this one! He's been scouting out the perfect place for it should I win :) I have til the 29th to get all my entries in. What an exciting giveaway!


  1. Oh how cool! Good luck! I hope you win this!!!

  2. I am new here! I have all boys too :)
    Come enter to win a $50 Visa Gift Card to use anywhere here:

  3. I won!!! SO excited! Going to save it for Christmas :) It will go front the front of the property all the way to the back. I think Mike and I will have just as much fun on it as the boys!

    @Shauna, heading over to enter now :)