Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I was watching a new show on ABCFamily channel called "Switched At Birth" last night and it brought back memories. About 12 years ago, I went in to work and my friend and co-worker told me that her aunt had gotten a call the night before informing her that her granddaughter(who she was raising) had been switched at birth with another little girl that lived about 30 minutes away. My friend's cousin and her husband(the little girl's parents) had been killed in a car accident a few months before she got the call. I was in shock. I couldn't believe that that could really happen. That started a very long and stressful journey for all of those involved. Court battle after court battle ensued. The show last night made me wonder what happened to those two innocent little girls whose lives were changed when a nurse made a mistake and didn't tell anyone. I can't imagine the emotions those families experienced. It also made me thankful for the extra security precautions the hospitals have taken when my boys were born. They were all banded right there with me before leaving the room. I pray that all hospitals are that careful with newborns and that this never happens again!

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