Monday, August 1, 2011

Growing Up

It's so hard to believe that Connor will soon be entering the tween years. We decided last week to convert the loft into a space/room for him. He was thrilled with the idea. I was even lucky enough to find a solid wood captain's bed at a yard sale for $30! Landon and Liam are taking the move hard though. The first night Connor slept upstairs, they both were in tears. It hit me that Connor and Landon have shared a room for almost 7 years and Landon doesn't ever not being with Connor. I tried to console him and then Liam started crying. I told Landon that Liam was sad too and he said, "yea, but not as sad as me." It broke my heart. Sweet Connor even came down and said he'd sleep down there with them that night but in the end everyone slept in their own rooms :)

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