Monday, February 9, 2009

Brotherly Love

It's funny hoe the boys can fight and bicker but then they can't stand to be apart. They love to tell on each other. The other morning, Landon came in the bedroom and told us that Connor was taking a bunch of books from home to school. We told him we'd take care of it. Not two minutes later, Connor came running in and said "Landon's trying to take books to school". Mike told him that no, Landon wasn't and neither was he and that he needed to get the books out of his own bag. Then as they were waiting on the porch for the bus, Landon opens the door and yells "mommy, Connor call me stupid!" and Connor immediately replied with "but he called me a poophead!" We've also heard "Connor punched me!" and then "well, Landon kicked me!" Ahh, brotherly love! Liam and Landon tend to argue the most. They pick at each other. We try to remind them that their brothers will be their friends for life and that they need to be kind and treat each other with respect. They love being together though. Landon will get upset and cry if Connor goes somewhere without him and Connor and be so protective of Landon at times. I am just so glad they haver each other. I feel like their siblings are the greatest gift we could ever give them.

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