Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Tired

It's been a long day. Mike had to pick Noah up from the preschool early Tuesday because he threw up and had diarrhea. Poor little guy looked pitiful. I hoped the bug would stop there but Landon woke us up this am because he had thrown up. Thankfully Mike doesn't work until tonight so he was able to be home with him. I took Liam and Noah to school since today was their Valentine exchange. I felt like a pack mule between the diaper bag, my purse, camera, work stuff, valentines, and teacher's gifts. The first little girl to show up for class said she felt a little sick and her dad informed me that she had thrown up that morning but they thought it was from all the cookies she had eaten the night before. He hadn't been gone 10 minutes and she threw up all over herself. I gagged as I cleaned her up. We were making cookies with the kids today so at least it happened before we started that. The kids were hyped up as they usually are on party days. They were loud and wild and I had a headache by lunch. We finally headed outside for the last 40 minutes of the day and 10minutes in, one of the little girls had an accident in her pants. She came running over and proceeded to strip on the playground. I scooped her up and headed back in to get her cleaned up. By the time we were done, the kids were already coming back in. So much for some fresh air! I couldn't wait to get home. The one highlight was when the director walked into our room and had flowers from Mike :) It was such a great surprise! Now we are hoe and I'm exhausted. Hopefully, there won't be any more throwing up and Connor and Landon will get to go to their parties tomorrow.

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