Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Baby Boy

We had Noah's 1st birthday party today. We had Bryan, Lori and their kids, Jenn and her kids, mom and dad, and Chad over. It was a jungle theme and I made Noah a monkey cake. It took forever! It was worth it though. We told the boys to clean up the basement before the party and they all went downstairs. A few minutes later, Liam came back up and started playing. I asked hi why he wasn't downstairs and he said "mommy, it hurts my feelings really really bad." I asked him what hurt his feelings and he replied "cleaning". It took all I had not to burst out laughing. That a new one! Anyway, Noah loved his cake. He put his fingers in the icing at first but when I put a taste in his mouth, he dove in. He ate a whole piece. He also liked opening his presents. We got him a ball pit and he loves it. I can't believe my baby is one. He is getting so big. He doesn't say much yet but he babbles a lot. He does say mommy/mama, dada, ball, and bub for brother. He loves to make people laugh and will make faces and then giggle. He is so good natured and happy. He reminds me of Landon in that he's sensitive. All I have to do is say "no" to him and the bottom lip comes out and he cries. He can get his feelings hurt easily. We all absolutely adore him. Happy birthday to my sweet baby boy!

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