Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Day

The boys were on spring break last week and we wanted to do something fun. The weather was yucky so we decided to take them to lunch and then to the movies to see "Race To Witch Mountain". We didn't tell them where we were going so when we pulled into the parking lot by Fazoli's (it's in the same shopping center as Hobby Lobby) we said "surprise! We're going shopping!" Liam yelled "NOOO!" and Landon started to whine. Connor said " I'll go shopping with you mommy":) We parked and went into Fazoli's to the relief of the boys. After he was finished eating, Connor said "That sure was good mommy. Thank you so much for lunch". It was so sweet. Then we headed to the movies. It was good although Mike and I each missed some while we were struggling with Noah who we didn't have a baby sitter for. He only slept for the first 30 mnutes and then was ready to get down. Mike and I took turns at the back of the theater with him. Mike took the boys to the bathroom after it was over and Connor said "This sure has been a fun day daddy! Thank you for bringing us!" It was one of those moments that makes your heart smile. I ended the day at a consignment sale that my friend Lori had given me a ticket to. Got a few things for the boys including an Elmo bike helmet for Liam. He was thrilled. He wore it that night and even wore it to school the next day :) It was adorable! It's an image I want to burn into my memory.

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