Friday, January 23, 2009

Bittersweet Goodbye

We said goodbye to Max last night. His new owner came to pick him up. I thought if anyone, Connor would be a little upset but it was Landon who broke down on me. He started crying and saying he didn't want Max to go, which made me cry. Connor was so sweet. He hugged Landon and told him it was okay and that the new people would take care of him. I was so proud. Mom helped to distract Landon as I was loading Max up. I still cried :( I know it's best for him because he will get more attention but it was still hard. The woman who took him hugged me (she was tearing up as well) and promised me they would take good care of him. I hope they do. He deserves it. The boys were okay after she left (better than me!). It helped that I told Landon he could get a fish (I'm a sucker!). It was a compromise since he was pushing for a hamster!

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