Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Home For Max

Well, I think we have found a new home for Max. I'm happy but sad at the same time. We just can't give him the time or attention he needs, nor can we keep up with the grooming he requires. He has become an outside dog and I hate that. I want him to be in a home where he will get lots of love and attention. We just can't do it. A young couple came today with their two young boys to meet Max. They had been talking about getting a dog and the wife had been looking at Golden Doodles. They played with him for about 30 minutes and told us they'd like to take him. The plan right now is for them to come pick him up Thursday evening. They want to take him in for a grooming Friday and then be able to spend the weekend with him helping him to adjust. I don't think it will really hit me until he goes. I know it's best for him though. I hope the boys are okay with it. We talked to them about it and I think they will be fine but I guess time will tell. They just never got attached to Max the way they did Sammie. Hopefully, the transition will go smoothly for everyone.

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