Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Busy Day

It was another full day here yesterday. Connor told me Monday night on the way to basketball practice that his teacher said he could bring cupcakes in for his birthday Tuesday but that I needed to bring them in after 2:00. So Mike picked up the 3 youngest after Landon's practice and I stayed with Connor and then he and I went to the grocery store for cake mix. We finally got home at 8:30 and then Mike made the cupcakes for me. Tuesday I got the boys off to school (Mike was working a 24) and then headed into work. It was a rainy day which always gets the kids hyped up. I hate days when we can't take them outside. I was able to leave a little early so I could make it to Connor's school in time. By the time I got there and got the boys and cupcakes into the school, it was 2:15. Connor's class enjoyed the cupcakes and in fact one little girl said they were the best she'd ever had :) Another little girl said she wanted the recipe, LOL. I told her it was on the back of the duncan hines box. Connor decided he wanted to ride home with me so I went and signed him and Landon out and headed for the van. Unfortunately, the buses were lined up already so I was stuck in the parking lot until they pulled out. We got home and I fed Noah and then Mom came to stay with the younger 3 while I took Connor shopping for his birthday present from Aunt Jean. I also had to pick up stuff for poppy seed chicken since that was what Connor wanted for his birthday dinner. He picked out a basketball return for his new hoop and an outfit. We got home and I made dinner and then we finished up homework. Baths and showers and then time forbed...finally! Thankfully, they all went to bed fairly easy. I was exhausted but it was a nice day.

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