Friday, January 16, 2009

Rite of Passage

Last night, Connor was laying on my lap and I was rubbing his hair. I felt something on his forehead and when I looked it was a pimple. His first one. I barely pressed on it and it popped. Connor screamed. After a look in the mirror, he came out crying. "Everyone can see it now". I told him that it was just a pimple and that everyone got them. Mommy and Daddy both got them. His response? "Yea but you're older". At least he didn't say old. After we assured him that his hair covered it, he calmed down. I had to laugh to myself but them I realized he has just experienced a rite of passage. The first of many pimples I know but it made me realize just how fast he is growing up. He is already halfway through elementary school. He'll be starting high school when Noah starts kindergarten. It's so hard to imagine. I was complaining to Mike the other day about the horrible night's sleep I had gotten thanks to Liam and his clockwise rotation he did next to me in bed the night before. The child can't stay still to save his life. Mike, who in the past has been the one to insist the boys go back to their rooms when they come into ours, has changed his outlook. He reminded me that all too soon, they won't want to sleep next to us anymore and how we should enjoy it while it lasts. He's right. So, I'm trying to ignore the bruises on my back from midnight kicks and the sore neck from loosing my pillow to the boys and enjoy the cuddle time while it lasts.

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