Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping and Snow

We finally got some snow! It wasn't much but just enough for the boys to do some sledding. Liam was hesitant at first but after the first trip down the hill with Mike, he couldn't get enough. Noah had his first snow experience. He seemed to like it. I took him on the sled with me a couple of times and he did great.I think he enjoyed watching his brothers. My mom was here for a while also. Everyone had a good time throwing snowballs and building little snowmen. The snow had pretty much melted by 1:00 but started to come down again around 4:00 and has been pretty steady ever since. They've already called a snow day for school tomorrow which mean I get a paid snow day! We went shopping for a new washing machine after we warmed up from the snow. We had decided we wanted to use our tax refund for a new front load machine. They use so much less water and energy plus a bigger capacity would cut my laundry load down. Right now, laundry is the bain of my existence. It is NEVER ending. So, we ended up at Sears and thankfully hit a really good sale. We decided to go ahead and get it and hope all our tax info comes soon so we can pay it off. Thank goodness for 12 months same as cash! After Sears we went to Old Navy. they were having an AWESOME sale. Additional 50% off clearance. I got 17 items for $34. I even got a couple of shirts for the boys for 50 cents! The most expensive thing I got was a sweater for me that was $3.50. Gotta love a good sale!

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