Friday, May 8, 2009

Bond Between Brothers

I was watching Liam with Noah last night and I am so proud of the bond they have. Connor and Landon are really close but Liam just ADORES Noah. He wants to be at his side all day long. Noah is old enough now to "play" with him and it is so cute to watch. They chase each other around the living room and Liam will give Noah rides on a blanket by pulling it around the house. Noah just laughs and laughs. Liam loves to help with Noah as well. He'll get Noah's cup and fill it with water if he notices it is empty and never hesitates to share his snacks with Noah without even being asked. Of course he can be a little too helpful at times. He tends to get in Noah's face a lot which can irritate Noah but I try to remember it's because he just wants to be with him all the time. Noah's middle name is Matthew which means "blessing from God" and it is so true. God knew what he was doing when he gave us Noah. He not only blessed us with a perfect son but he also blessed Liam with a best friend.

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  1. Just what you wanted! I remember our chats at the Y and you talking about those exact moments!!! So glad they are coming true!