Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kid's Expo

They had a Kid's Expo at the fairgrounds in gray today. I met mom and dad there with the boys. Thankfully, the rain held off. They had a lot for the boys to do. there were a lot of exhibits set up; everything from Bays Mountain to health and safety exhibits. Every booth was giving out candy or trinkets and many had games or crafts for the kids. The had an obstacle course set up that they could go through that simulated the way the heart works. They even had an area that was giving out new, free Carter's brand clothes. One item per child. I got a pj set for Liam, shirts for Landon and Noah and a pair of denim cargo shorts for Connor. They had food for sale and it was surprisingly inexpensive. The boys and I ate for $5.25. We all had a good time and enjoyed being ablr to be outside for a change. It has been raining and storming her for over a week. there were even a couple of tonadoes sighted last night. One was within a mile of mom and dad's. Connor and Landon went to the farm with mom for a while when we were done and I took Noah and Liam home for a nap. Unfortunately, they were short ones so no nap for me. Now, the older boys are on their way home and I'm getting ready to cook some hamburger for nachos. The boys love them. Hopefuly, after such a busy day, they will go to bed a little early so I can as well :) I rented "Bride Wars" and hope to stay awake to watch it!

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