Monday, May 4, 2009

Ewomens conference

I went to the Extraordinary Women's Conference this past weekend. It was really good. I even got to stay the night in Johnson City Friday with my friend Lori :) It was fun to have a slumber party :) I missed my boys though! The conference had some great speakers, one of whom was Karen Kingsbury, one of my favorite authors! I got to meet her and get her autograph and I have to say she is is so nice and genuine. She was also a great speaker. She read her children's book "Let Me Hold You Longer" from the stage and had everyone crying. I got the book years ago and have never been able to read it without crying. Charles Billingsly led the music and boy does he have an a,mazing voice! Matthew West did a mini concert that was awesome. Chonda Pierce spoke as well and she is hilarious! I had a great time but was ready to get back to my boys Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, I came home to a sick child. Landon had a fever and a belly ache. Thankfully, it was short lived and he is fine now. I am so thankful I have a husband who encourages me to take time for myself. He even made dinner Saturday night :) I'm including a coupke of pics from the conference.

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  1. Way to go Mike!!!!! He is setting a great example for your boys!!!