Friday, May 8, 2009


I've heard that yelled a lot this afternoon. Connor and Landon have been at each other ever since they walked in the door from school today. They were taking turns with the wii and Landon apparently laughed when Connor's car went off the road during mariokart. Connor got upset and told Landon he didn't like him. I broke in and got on to Connor for saying hurtful things. Then I talked to Landon about laughing at people. He said, "I wasn't laughing at him, I was just thinking about a joke a friend told me." So I asked him what the joke was and lo and behold, he couldn't remember. I made them hug and tell each other they were sorry. Two minutes later, Landon said something mean to Connor. Connor said, "Landon, you hurt my feelings!". Liam then chimed in with "Landon, you hurt my heart!". That led into a discussion about how if you hurt someone's heart, they have to go to the hospital. We had 5 minutes of peace and then Connor said something Landon didn't like and he retaliated by yelling "mommy, Connor has a flower for you but he hid it in the basement!". Connor preceded to bust into tears because Landon ruined his mother's day surprise. Landon got a swat on the behind for that one and I had a talk about how words can hurt and you can't take them back. He then spent the next 20 minutes in his room. Connor, Liam and Noah were getting along fine so I went to the bedroom to fold laundry. A few minutes later, Landon joined them. Almost immediately, the fighting started back up. I heard some yelling and then a lound thump. Landon started crying/screaming and yelled "I can't feel my legs!!! I'm telling!!!" Can anyone say "drama king"??? About that time, Noah starts screaming and I see why as Liam comes around the corner dragging Noah by his legs. AAAHHHHH, calgon take me away!!! Thankfully, apologies have been made and hugs given out and all is fairly quiet now as they all have a snack (food does wonders!). How long until bedtime????

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