Friday, May 8, 2009

New Van

Well, I finally talked Mike into getting a 12 passenger van. Our mini van which supposedly seats 7 was just getting too tight. I was tired of never being able to have anyone ride with us and being completely squashed on trips. It's nothing fancy but it's newer (still under warranty!) and we have plenty of room to spread out, not to mention there's plenty of room for any future baby Burtons! Move over Jon and Kate, here come the Burtons! Just kidding, Mike would die if he read that! I haven't attempted any drive throughs yet and that scares me but I'll get used to it. The boys think it's cool because it's so big :) Mike likes the idea that it has a steel truck frame and is sturdy and safe. For a moment I worried about looking dorky driving it but as my friend Kristen said, we won't look like dorks, just like a family that loves kids!