Thursday, May 28, 2009

Messy Mommy Moment

I had a gift card to Riverfront Seafood so Mike and I went for lunch with Liam and Noah. Halfway through lunch Noah start fussing a little and grunting. Then he did the sign for "change". We figured we could wait a few more minutes and then just take him to the van to change. Well, 10 minutes later the waitress came with the check and said " uh oh mom". I said "yeah, he was grunting". she said "no, it leaked out". I pulled his high chair over and was mortified. He had had a blow out that had exploded into the high chair! So here I am in the middle of a crowded restaurant trying to discreetly use baby wipes to wipe the poo out of the high chair and off his leg. I finally got him out and practically ran out of the restaurant hoping no one would see or smell my poo covered baby and lose their lunch! It took every wipe I had to clean him up. He of course thought the whole thing was hilarious and was happy as could be. Ahh, the joys of parenthood! On a side note, he has now started signing "change" and bringing us a diaper every time he poops. So, I'm hoping he'll be as easy to potty train as the others were!

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