Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Been Awhile

I've been slacking on my posts again. Ever day I remind myself to check in but something always comes up. So I'm going to play catch up. Mother's Day was a couple of weeks ago. Mike was off for it the first time in 3 years so that was great! He picked up doughnuts on his way home from work and had the boys bring them in to me along with a sweet card and a silver charm bracelet with four charms, each one a picture of one of the boys. It is beautiful and I've gotten a ton of compliments on it. We went to church and enjoyed a great sermon and then went o to lunch at Garfields with mom and dad. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful weather. The following week went smoothly. Monday was MOPS and I had a good time as usual. A new mom with twin 6 month old boys came. Tuesday and Thursday went smoothly at work. Thursday was teacher appreciation day. I got some really nice and sweet gifts like a handpainted mug (the little boy was so proud and kept telling me "I used special paint so it won't come off in the dishwasher!". I also got flowers, a Pals giftcard, baked goods, a personalized can coozie, a couple other gift cards, including a $50 gift card to River Front Seafood!
Friday I took the boys to see my friend Jenn's son graduate to his next belt in karate. They thought it was neat. I let the boys stay up lateer hoping they would sleep in. Ha! they were all up by 6:55. Mike got home at 7:45 and told me there was yard sale down the road. I went and found some really good bargains. They had really big jar candles from Longaberger for $1, brand new tote bags for 25 cents, a huge bottle 3/4full of Sunflowers perfume for 10 cents and the big splurge, a treadmill for $40. Mike had just told me the night before that they had finally gotten word at work that they are going to be getting new quarters. They will no longer be stuck in the closet sized, windowless space they have now. They will have a large living area, a shower, and windows with a garage door they can open to go outside and grill. They will finally have room for some exercise equipment. I thought about having him take the treadmill but instead, we're keeping it and he's taking our old elipitcal machine. Lori has also given us her old one for him to take. After the yard sale, Jenn and I drove down to Pigeon Forge to shop the outlets. We found a really neat store we had never been in before called the Beehive. Very cool stuff. eerything from purses and jewlery to furniture. We had a nice time and got some good deals. Mom kept the older boys Saturday night so Mike and I decided to use the giftcard I got to go to dinner. Jenn offered to keep Noah so it could be just Mike and I :) On the way to the resturaunt, mom called upset and said she was in Johnson City and had locked her keys in the car. Dad was at the house with the boys and nocar seats. Unfortunately , we were just pulling into the parking lot of the resturaunt, with reserations 30 minutes away. I told her we were no at all comfortable with dad driving them without the carseats. I called dad and he said, "they're watching Spongebob. they'll be fine while I go get you mom." WHAT???????? I told him NO WAY!! Mom was mad at him for even suggesting it. In the end, they stayed with mom's neighbor while dad ran to unlock the van. I didn't relax until mom called to say she was home. The food was good though and we had a nice time. Sunday we went to church and the sermon was great. I feel so good about the decision to switch churches. Crossroads is feeling like a really good fit. After church, we drove to Greenille for the Iris Festival. It was sad. I think we were there a total of 45 minutes. Oh well. We came home and relaxed the rest fo the day. Busy, fun weekend!


  1. I know!!! Needless to say, after my mom and I got done with him, he'll never suggest that again!