Thursday, April 30, 2009

Field Trip

Today I got to go on my first field trip with Connor. We went to a local farm first. It was set up really nice with many different stations that explained many different elements of the farm. They had a station about turning trees into paper, growing plants, sheering sheep, modern dairy farms, and many others. They even got ice cream sandwiches at the end :) There was one scary moment at the beginning when one of the little girls went over to the teacher, said she didn't feel good and proceeded to collapse on the ground. I don't think she actually fainted but she was awfully close. She was really pale and clammy. We put cool rags on her neck and got her some water while the teacher called her parents. Thankfully, sitting in a truck with the a/c and a nice cold popsicle, she perked up. Looks like she may have been dealing with ow blood sugar. Her mom arrived a little while later and though she was pretty much back to normal, decided to take her home. After the farm, we headed to Appalachian caverns. After a picnic lunch we headed down into the cave. It was really neat and interesting. The difference in temperature was crazy. You could feel it getting colder with every step you took. The tour guide showed us something called moon milk on the cave wall. While it is usually on the soft side, the patch we saw had basically died and had turned into stone.He said it is made of mostly the same thing as TUMS and that if you have heartburn, you could just lick it and it would instantly cure it (when it's still soft). He said he had tried it and it really does work. Apparently the indians used to use it. It made me wonder though, who the first person was who thought, "let me lick this substance on the cave wall and see what happens". We also got to see a couple of bats, which thrilled the kids. Connor took some pictures so I'll get them uploaded soon. He was thrilled to have a camera to take pics all byt himeself. I think he inherited my love of photography! It was a really nice trip and I'm so glad I was able to go!

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  1. Sounds so neat! I am glad you had a fun time. I hope the little girl is ok