Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh be careful little ears what you hear!

Liam loves music and loves singing. He is always walking around the house singing to himself. When we are in the van he always asks us to "Please uppin the radio!". We were on our way to Lowes this morning and as usual, Liam was in the back singing. We have a contemporary christian radio station on 99% of the time and he was singing along to one of the songs. It was the sweetest sound! It hit me just what a huge influence we have on our children. I realized that Liam would be singing along with whatever music we had playing. He is totally dependent on what we expose him to. The old saying"children learn whast they live" is so true. It made me think about what a huge responsibilty we have to our kids. I know the time is coming when Liam will be exposed to things I would rather he wouldn't. I just pray that we raise our kids to be strong enough and wise enought to make the right decsions. For now I will just enjoy listening to my 3 year old sing "There Will Be a Day" in the backseat :)


  1. I agree, now you need to read the book I mentioned on my blog ;)

  2. Sweet! :)

    (And yay--I have another blog to follow!) ;)

  3. Hey there Karen! Congrats on your new baby girl!