Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nasty Wasps!

Poor Landon got stung by a wasp today. Mike and I were in the basement when he came screaming down the stairs. He was holding the back of his neck and said he hit a bee off his neck. I knew it must have been a wasp since we have seen quite a few outside the back door. The sting was right at the base of his hairline. It was really red and swollen. I mixed up a baking soda paste and put it on the sting. I told him to keep his head down for a minute to let it start to dry.
He started crying and said "But I don't have anything to look at!". I asked him what he meant and he said "All I have to look at is the floor!". I had to laugh. So I helped him lay sideways on the floor so he could watch something other than the floor :) At least we know he's not allergic to wasps now!