Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sitting By the Fire

Spring was definitely in the air yesterday. The weather was PERFECT. Mid 70's with a nice breeze, not a cloud in the sky. It was one of those days that just makes you smile. I had a planning meeting at work in the morning and we ordered pizza. Great start! Not long after I got home, the landscaper next door delivered the sod we had ordered. We spent the afternoon laying that and enjoying the beautiful day. The sod looks so good! It's so nice to have grass. I just wish we had ordered more so we could have done all the bare spots. Connor and Landon got home just as we finished. They helped us straighten up the back patio and then we headed in. The boys had had a walk a thon at school and they were worn out. Connor walked 13 laps (3 1/2 miles) in an hour and Landon walked 6 laps(1 1/4miles) in 30 minutes. They're trying to raise money for new smart boards in the classrooms. They did really good. Anyone who raises $100 gets entered into a drawing for a 52" plasma tv. That would be nice! While I was making dinner, Jenn called and asked if she could bring the kids over for an hour while she ran an errand. So, while the kids played, I got dinner finished and then we ate out on the deck. When we finished, Mike made a fire in the fire pit (that we had yet to use) and we roasted marshmallow and made smores. The kids had a blast. Tristen and Trinity had never had them before so they really enjoyed it. Noah especially enjoyed sharing everyone's smores :) Truly a wondeful day and night!


  1. So cool we roasted marshmallows too!

  2. Sounds nice! We are camping tomorrow and have all the smores fixings!