Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fevers, real and not so real.

This has been a long week for poor Noah. He started running a fever Easter Sunday. He still had it on Tuesday so he stayed home with Mike. He was a little cranky and had diarrhea a few times. We took him into the doctor on Wednesday and they couldn't find anything. His ears were clear and he tested negative for strep. The doc said, just fluids, tylenol and rest. Thursday, his fever was gone but he woke up with really puffy eyes. Several people said maybe it was allergies. Then Thursday night, he broke out in a rash all over his belly and back. My mom took one look and said it was Roseola. Sure enough, when I looked it up, he had all the symptoms. From the high fever and puffy eyes, to the rash that appeared as soon as the fever broke. Poor little guy was just feeling crummy. Thankfully, he is much better today. Liam had watched us take Noah's temp many times over the week. this morning, he got the thermometer and put it under his armpit. When it beeped, he pulled it out and announced that his "armpit was 20 pounds". Mike said "you've got a problem if your armpit is 20 pounds". It was so cute!

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