Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunts and Peeps Necklaces

I took the boys to an egg hunt at a local church this morning. They started out with letting them make a necklace out of a marshmallow peep and fruit loops. I made one for Noah, which he promptly ate right off the string. They told them the Easter story and then let them each dye an egg. After that, they had the egg hunt. It was over pretty quickly. They had all the kids come back in and had a lunch of hot dogs and chips. It was nice but Noah was a little cranky. It was past his bedtime and he's got teeth number 10 and 11 coming in so he was ready to go. Connor and Landon wanted to go to the farm with mom and dad while Liam and Noah stayed with me. I told Liam to go lay on my bed and rest while Noah took his nap. Two hours later Liam came out. I asked him if he took a nap. He said "Yes, I took a nap with my eyes open." :) It's been a little chilly and windy today but the sun has come out so I think we're going to head outside. It's days like today that I wish we had a hammock!

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