Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy but fun day!

We had a jam packed day today. This morning, we took the boys (minus Noah who stayed with Jenn) to see "Monsters vs Aliens". It was really cute and the boys really liked it. After that, we went home and planted our garden. We're doing lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, potatoes, and corn. It's out first go at it so hopefully something will grow! When we were done, we headed out to my friend Jenn's daughter's birthday party at a gymnastics center. The boys had a blast! On our way home, we stopped at McDonald's for dinner. My mom gave each o the boys gift cards so they got to have a kid's meal ( a rare treat since we usually just do the $ menu). We headed home and finished putting up some wire around the garden to keep the many rabbits out. Now we are getting ready for family movie night. We rented "Prince Caspian", the sequel to Narnia. It has been a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to a great night :)

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